As a fraudster earned light money overweight carcherling machines in used rubber.


You wanted to rejuvenate with the light money of the fantasy comrades in the truth of inexhaustible. In Moscow, a fraudster appeared, which invented a scheme with creepering cars.

He did not cradle them and did not disassemble the spare parts. As they say, everything is ingenious simply. He only changed the tires on the leased transport and earned quite thumbightly on it.

For a minimum effort, and in my pocket there was a pleasant increase in the salary, if you can speak.

Scam looked as follows. Young man using a family acquaintance account in the app chose a car. Who is not yet familiar with the application, then it is used to search for a suitable car that needs to be leased.

The victims of the fraudster became more expensive cars. He gave preference to fresh car models, because new rubber is certainly for them. And then everything is easier simple.

He came to the most ordinary service station. There he was selected used rubber, simply bald tires that were bought for pennies.

These penny followers are extremely happy. Further on a familiar hundred car was pereobiled with good rubber on the old one. No questions asked.

And then the removal Rubber was sold on the Internet on Avito. And the car with Lysi Tires was returned to a creepering company.
Nobody thought about the tires.

So cars returned without problems. And noticed the substitution not immediately. Sometimes the car could have been in the hands of several more customers. Apparently for this reason the fraudster and could not figure out quite a long time.

This extraordinary event served as a warning of many car tenants. Now you need to take pictures when leased not only the body, but also the tires. Otherwise, you can get to come.

The inventive fraudster was charged under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 1. The guy will have to return the amount of damage caused, in the amount of 149,000 rubles.

For its illegal way of earning a young man can lose freedom for up to two years and this is in addition to paying the above amount.

Crashing was invented exclusively for the convenience of citizens. Rental of cars allows you to unload the roads, thereby enhancing safety on the streets.

In urban environments, use leased cars is much more convenient and even cheaper than to contain your personal car.

There are no problems with parking, repair, washing and extra spending on service and fuel. With a rented car you need to pay only the cost of the time spent, and this is quite profitable.

Especially since some people the car is not required regularly.

The above service is really very comfortable thing. Let’s make more responsibly approach services that are designed to improve our lives.

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