As competently reassured the arrogant DPS officer.


Many drivers familiar with the situation that they had to listen to rudeness from DPS inspectors. Employees often can use their official position and behave with drivers rude or even in Khamski.

The drivers themselves fall into such unpleasant situations are usually either lost, or begin to rude in response. Meanwhile, it is possible to cope with the unscatorant behavior of the arrogant inspector. Even despite the fact that in his hands the documents of the Power Representative in His hands.

Start videos shooting a conversation. Well, or indicate that everything that happens is written on the video recorder or phone. To prohibit on legal grounds the inspector will not be able to you.

Although the degree of its aggression can be how to decrease and increase. Nevertheless, few employees want to become a star of the Internet. Therefore, the conflict can exhaust quite quickly.

On the broken inspector, you can complain to his partner. At the same time, you need to drive a video and ask for an appeal. This has a legitimate basis (law on the police). They will refuse to ask, it means to complain about both.

If the first two ways did not help you have to insist on an oral complaint or on calling a responsible or senior shift. The conflict must be allowed.

Refuse and call this hotline or in the duty part, whose phones are usually indicated by the crew car. Now you have to either wait for the arrival of responsible persons, or you will give you documents and let go with the world. Of course you should not remind that everything that happens must be recorded on the video.

A simultaneous conflict will be allowed. But how to be further. After all, the staff will not go anywhere. They can stop and find a reason for serious punishment. May of course … but often disciplinary recovers are enough in order to pacify the violent inspectors.

In addition, they will know that they are more expensive to contact you. After all, the next instance in such matters is the court. In this case, employees can easily lose the title and work.

It is worth reminding that to behave with the staff of the DPS is still polite and correct. Then conflict situations can be avoided. Well, if the trouble still happened, you do not need to lose composure. Against the background of courtesy and correctness of the driver, the rudeness of the inspector is most noticeable.