As I struggle with the formation of water on the car mats with a cunning way.


In winter, all motorists suffer from one common problem. Snow in the cabin! Snow that falls on the cabin mats on the feet of passengers and the drivers themselves.

No matter how try to smooth legs when landing into the car, the snow still remains on the shoe staring in the sole. And then the snow turns into water. On the rugs are formed annoying puddles of water. It is unpleasant to fight them, but you need.

Excess moisture in the cabin is a condensate on the glasses, ice on the rugs. And the water can easily be leaked to the bottom of the car. Moisto washes to lead to a pile of problems. Therefore, with the snow turned into water, you need to fight.

Sharing the rugs every time extremely uncomfortable. Yes, and water can be easily shedding trying to get rid of it by pulling out the carpet from the salon.

So I decided to use one people’s method, to solve the problem of water on the mats in the cabin. It should be noted, I really liked this method and I still use it.

In fact, everything is very simple. You need to build an extremely simple device. It takes a well-absorbent paper paper and a little silica gel.

As an absorbent paper, a regular newspaper or a roll of cheap toilet paper is perfectly suitable. Well, silica gel is a synthetic filler for feline toilets, which can be bought at any store.

You can also buy silica gel in garden stores. We collect the design. A little silica gel wrapping paper, building a small bundle.

The resulting motok is fixed somewhere at the edge of the rug, so as not to knock down the design of the legs. No need to worry. Water from the monstering snow still spreads when the car moves.

So the paper roll will necessarily absorb unnecessary moisture. You can equip such mats that are most often used.

Replace the device can be quickly and easily. There is enough such a waterball about a month. In general, of course, the term of use is purely individual. It all depends on the weather and the intensity of the use of the car.

Nevertheless, the wake-up roller with swollen silica gel can be easily replaced with a new one and no longer need to worry about the nasty puddles on your car mats.

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