As the traffic police officers «dilute» drivers for money.


It does not rarely happen that drivers face the road with unreasonable fines on the fact. For example, by returning from work in the evening, there was a stop of a car in the DPS inspector, but there is no disorder, the driver simply check the availability of documents and its overall state.

It turns out that everything is in order with the documents, and the driver is just in a hurry to rest in order to rest soon, but the traffic police officer notifies the driver that it is necessary to check whether he has unpaid fines.

Under this pretext, the inspector is leaving for some time to the patrol machine. Upon returning the inspector, the driver already intends to pick up his documents and continue the movement, however the inspector declares that there is a unpaid penalty about speeding and debt is only five hundred rubles and for this occasion at the moment the driver will be drawn up a new protocol according to the first part of Article 20.25 COAP.

Given such a new violation, the driver threatens arrest for up to 15 days. It may be so that the driver cannot check in place, the truth is or a lie, since such fines for five hundred rubles can have a lot.

The driver decides to understand the situation in place and not to draw up a protocol that the inspector appoints the price of a thousand rubles and the conflict has been exhausted.

The driver, of course, agrees to such conditions, gives the inspector money and continues to move.

A few days later, the driver drives to the traffic police in order to find out the number of the ruling on which the penalty was not paid to deal with this issue.

However, during the audit it turns out that all fines are paid and no debt at the moment. The driver realizes that he was all «divorced» for money.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you need to install a special application on checking the traffic police fines. It will notify the driver, about the presence of fines automatically, and report how many days remained for payment of the fine.

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