As you can quickly warm the car’s salon in winter with simple actions.


With the onset of the cold, the question of the cold interior of the car. Winter morning and so not too pleasant time of day. So I do not want to go out of the warm room on the cold, and the machine is not a freezer.

Some cars have various adaptations to solve this problem. Most cars meet their owners with cold cabin and ice seats.

Heated seats, by the way, so far there are far from all vehicles. So you have to wait for the antifreeze, and bring the desired warmth to the cabin cooled overnight cars.

So what makes such that the salon warms up as soon as possible and the lifeless warmth warmed in the morning along the way to work?

Of course, the experienced motorists do not need advice, but newcomers all below will have to be quite by the way. So, proceed, that is, heating the interior of the car quickly and without loss.

The tips below are not fiction and not the ways of folk craftsmen. Everything is based on car operation instructions. If someone read this manuscript, then you will be convinced of the feasibility of warm-up ways as soon as it tries.

First of all, as soon as the engine is running, it is necessary to cut off the access of frosty air from the street into the salon. To do this, the lever is required, or the flap button is closed to the position.

Then the passage for cold from the street will be closed. And the air circulating in the cabin warms much faster. The main thing is not to forget to open the damper after the temperature becomes acceptable. Otherwise, the glass will sweat.

Oddly enough, but the stove also needs to be included, but the most minimal revs. It is very easy to explain. Still not warmed as needed. Accordingly, the flow from the stove will pop up cold on high speed, not having time to warm it.

And so, a quiet move everything will be well heated and the stove stream, and the air in the cabin. Of course, in the process and turnover, it is possible to increase, but gradually, without fanaticism.

Well, the last rule that works flawlessly: the beginning of the movement. The engine work at idle for a long time is a waste of fuel and the same precious time.

In addition, at such a work, the engine is quite slowly gaining the operating temperature. So warming the engine for a couple of minutes, well, or a little longer, you can start moving.

Beginning should occur on reduced transmissions, slowly, not loading the engine.

Thus, everything will warm up much faster and the engine, and the salon, and the driver itself.

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