Autoexperts have proven that the engine warming the car in the morning kills it.


Many auto owners are confident that if you warm up the engine during the cold season at idle, helps extend the service life, in connection with which the possibility of the appearance of various kinds of faults is supposed.

This is a very interesting topic, so in this article we will talk about whether it makes sense to warm the engine in the winter.

Some experts in the field of the automotive industry are confident that to warm the engine every day in cold weather before the trip has an adverse effect.

Since in the minus temperature, in addition to gasoline, other viscosity fluids are blocked together with engine oil, which give a precipitate in the cylinder block with frequent injection.


Many drivers, according to experts, do not know or do not understand most of the new functional of modern converters.

In fact, due to certain sensors measuring the temperature on the street, the engine itself chooses the operation mode in specific temperature conditions.

Control units that are included in the design of the modern engine are adapted originally to work with an increase or decrease in fuel supply.

What should be taken into account, considering all the above?

Experts are confident that the engine warming during the cold season is necessary, but not more than five to ten minutes, a longer warming of the engine at idle turns will apply the engine only a negative effect.

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