Button accelerated warm-up of the car, which rarely enjoys in ignorance.


Many car owners still do not know the functionality of some buttons in their cars, and those motorists who are familiar with the purpose of such buttons, as a rule, are not suspected of how to use them correctly and efficiently.

Thanks to one of these buttons, the driver will be able to heat the car’s salon much faster and without unnecessary fuel costs.

Turn on the fan to the maximum number of revolutions after starting the engine to heat the car’s interior completely. From such action to warm up the engine, it will take a lot more time.

In the car’s cabin there is a special button starting air recirculation.

Air recirculation is applied for a long time and helps the driver quickly heat the car’s cabin at the same time prevent the cost of fuel to heating the car.

In various car brands, the air recirculation button may have a completely different pattern of the indicator, but the meaning of its functional will not change.

If the driver does not use recycling, then the cold air coming from the street will replace warm thereby not allow to quickly warm the salon.

When the air recirculation is launched, warm air will not leave the auto cabin thereby providing its normal heating.

After all, the stove gradually warms the air to the desired temperature and the interior will quickly warm up.

At the same time, the car will stick to normal fuel consumption.

After heating the cabin to the desired temperature, the driver should turn off the recirculation, because if it is not done, then condensate is formed on the windows of the car, because they are noticeable.

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