Can the traffic police officers stop vehicles at night on the highway, without lighting.


Quite often, DPS employees arrange various areas in the current and night. For all the perturbations of drivers, employees have one weighty argument — raid!

However, many drivers are still trying to start the proceedings, considering the acts of some inspectors to arbitrarily and excess authority.

Why does this happen? Yes, because being stopped at night in the village where every street is covered, this is one.

But be stopped on a deserted road, in the dark, when the inspector pops up under the wheels, like the traits of tobaccoque — it is completely different. But this is not at all uncommon.

So today will find the answer to a very topical question: can DPS crews be based on the side of unlit roads in the dark? Do they have right?

If you look for protection in the arrangements of rules and laws, it will not be possible to find anything. There is no direct indication in the location of the DPS crews dislocation.

So all over it turns out that if the staff find it necessary to stand in the pitch darkness, then it will stand.

But there is still a regulation dictator not only by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also traffic police officers. But there it is also indicated that the crews of the DPS should work only on the illuminated areas in the dark. In addition, the form must be reflective, and the rods are luminous.

But the regulations will not have due force in the controversial situation. As a rule, the courts take the side of the authorities.

So it is not necessary to ignore the requirement of the DPS officer to stay in the night and in the dark.

You just need to be extremely attentive and careful. Open the window or the door completely follows only after you make sure that you are really a representative of the authorities, and not a gangster or a fraudster.