Changes in the rules of transportation of passengers in a taxi from January 1, 2021.


The procedure for transporting individuals and baggage is regulated by the current legislation and from January 1 of the current year have entered into actions.

They affected public transport and changed the rules for using a car in a taxi. Thus, since January 1 of the current year, the Government Decision of February 14, 2009 No. 112 was lost, which regulated the procedure for passenger transportation and transportation of baggage to urban and motor vehicles.

In accordance with the decree of 01.10.2020 No. 1586 from 01/01/2021, new rules entered into force. First of all, the changes will affect taxi drivers.

Before providing a taxi client, he must report on the order number, the name of the carrier, the cost of the service, as well as the arrival time.

In addition, the passenger will be issued a check (normal and necessarily electronic).

Among other things, the duties of taxi operators include storing information from orders magazine for at least six months.

Such information includes driver’s personal data (FULL NAME), time and arrival address, as well as the presence of either the absence of additional options.

Customers are provided with the right to independently define a taxi route. If the client does not take advantage of this right, the driver will go to his discretion.

Now about public transport. Despite the fact that this type of transport will not undergo major changes, yet some adjustments will make new legislation.

For example, passengers with a ticket for a trip to the Last Motor transport will receive the right to use waiting rooms without any time frame.

During the immediate landing, the passenger will be obliged to present a passport or QR code.

By the way, the passport is presented only if there is a registered ticket. New rules contain applications that contain ticket details, receipts for manual layers, as well as TC orders for the transportation of luggage and passenger traffic.

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