Clear ways to sucking did not bounce back from the windshield.


Today, all the necessary devices (gadgets) in the car are attached approximately the same — using devices with suction cups. There are a pair of fasteners: a few suckers immediately either one large.

Typically, large suckers are also supplied with a small lever to create a greater vacuum when contact with glass.

These devices are not cunning and attached in the place where it is convenient to the driver. There is only one minus in this design. Over time, the suction cups begin to keep pretty weak. And the result of the defect is the permanent drops of a mobile phone or registrar.

Also, suckers may not cope with the load on the bumpy roads. Therefore, many motorists want to know how to improve the holders. It would be nice to ensure that ways to improve themselves are as cheap and natural as possible.

By the way, it should be noted that the reduction in the effectiveness of the sucker does not depend on the quality, size or amount of it. There is no difference in rubber or silicone suction cups. And the other material over time becomes less elastic and does not withstand the loads and weight of the device.

Dirty glass can cause a bad fixation of even a new suction cup. So before installing you need to clean the plot for installation.

Well, if the reason is still in long-term operation, then here without tricks can no longer do. To create an additional pressure between the surface of the sucker and glass, you can use folk tips, which are just very cheap and very effective.

The first method is any silicone grease. But only in reasonable quantities, without fanaticism, so to speak. And if seriously, it will take a literally drop of funds. It is necessary to remember only one thing, nor the wax nor lubricant on the basis of kerosene will not fit. Do not even try.

Also, for this case, you can use Plumbing Silicone, but the same in the minimum quantity.
The next way from the discharge of the hosts. To enhance the pressure, you can use simple economic soap.

You need to rub the surface of the sucker thoroughly. The scaming surface of the suction cup is almost glued to the glass after drying. The same effect will have a sweet soda.

This method has greatly proven itself on the road, when there is not enough tools. And the garlic slice, cut along, will be glued down by their juice, no worse than two higher than the specified means.

You can use a simple vaseline. But here a minimum warning has a special role. Otherwise, it may turn out quite the opposite.
And in the end you need to say about engine oil.

Some drivers advise to take advantage of oils. Method worker, but has consequences. Motor oil belongs to aggressive fluids, and therefore the suction cup will be spoiled very soon. You have to lay out money for a new holder.

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