Diagnostic card and car inspection in 2021 — what nuances need to know the drivers.


In May 2019, a legislative act No. 122-FZ was approved, which will enter into legal force from March 1 of this year.

According to this document, drivers expects many changes in the field of technical inspection of mechanical vehicles.

In paragraph 1 of Art. 9 FZ No. 170-FZ It is indicated that in the spring of this year by state bodies, the legality of the above procedure will begin to be carried out.

If earlier the driver had the opportunity to purchase a diagnostic card without providing a vehicle for inspection, now this opportunity will not be.

In case of technical inspection there will be photographing. In the absence of such a diagnostic card will be canceled.

In accordance with Part 3 of Art. 14.4.1 Code for liability for non-compliance with the law will attract operators.

In their respect, a penalty of 5-10 thousand rubles can be applied. At the same time, the corresponding marks are made in the EACO.

To date, in part 3 of Art. 14.4.1 Administrative Code is punished only for legal entities. In the spring of this year, changes will be made to this norm.

In addition, the diagnostic card will have an electronic form. This innovation will also act from March 1 of this year. Of course, you can get a paper variant of this document.

For this, the driver must simply contact the appropriate requirement. Essay will be applied electronic signatures of experts.

Now a little about the procedure for conducting car inspection in 2021.
To date, each driver has the ability to appeal to any station for further passage of technical inspection.

It is necessary to provide a document certifying the certificate of car registration.

Further, the specialist will receive the license plates placed on the car, with the data specified in the registration documents.

Next, the vehicle is inspected.

Among other things, photographing will be made, which means to get a diagnostic card without a car will not work.

Snapshots will be carried out at the beginning of the inspection and at its end.

In the first photos, the front part of the vehicle will be captured (necessarily the number and emblem), and on the latter — the rear part.

You can learn about all the requirements for photographs from the content of the order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No. 97 of March 31, 2020.

The legislator provided almost all the little things of the technical inspection procedure. Even its duration.

So, in 2021, the inspection of passenger cars will continue not more than 30 minutes, which will probably like many drivers.

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