Do I need to skip the ambulance in this situation.


There are quite controversial situations on our roads. It is not a rudeness or driver’s aggressiveness. Similar gaps in road rules.

So it turns out that the drivers in some cases simply have no choice, because no matter how cool, but the fine will not be avoided anyway. Let’s look at one of the situations on a specific example.

So, let’s imagine such a simple alignment. Crossroads, red light under which there are two parallel streams. On the oncoming lane, another car is approaching, and a double solid ahead.

And here a unpleasant surprise appears in the form of an ambulance carriage, which requires to give way to the road with the help of sirens and light beacons. Naturally ambulance requires to give way to the road.

This is where the very controversial situation begins. Each driver knows that specialized transport with sound and light signals is needed to give way to the road.

Estimation is fraught with penalties, that is, rather strict punishment. If 500 rubles are not so much, then the deprivation of rights for three months is already much worse.

And it can happen that the punishment will be maximum. So it turns out that you need to urgently give way to the road. However, in front of the intersection, double solid and red light light.

Landing the ambulance road in this situation, you can easily get a serious punishment. The first penalty is 1000 rubles. If the situation on the traffic light is repeated, the fine automatically increases five times, and this is already 5,000 rubles. Noticeable, isn’t it?

The ambulance will not be able to drive around the car under the traffic light through a double solid one, because the process of the machine is moving on the permissive arrow on the left.

That’s a dead end. A deadlock for the driver who is obliged to miss an ambulance and break or will not want to skip the ambulance and violates anyway.

Another weighty factor in this case is tracking chambers. They are installed now almost at all major intersections. So in any case, the punishment cannot be avoided.

So what to choose? Such a question for many still remains unanswered.

Motorists in this situation were divided into two camps. Some will skip the ambulance carriage, others are not. And those and others are right.

However, let’s turn to traffic rules. And there just a gap on this issue. Although in paragraph 1.2, you can cling to the phrase «give way to the road». It is to give way, without start and stop traffic.

Create without creating interference and emergency situations. And at the intersection, as in our case, just like this, that is, an emergency situation and develops.

It is safe to state with confidence that no one forces to leave the driver’s traffic light signal, even if you need to give way to the car with the included specialignals.

But there are some nuances. If all the time I had to skip the transport and disrupt traffic rules, then you can try to appeal the punishment with an indication of the urgent need for the reasons of violation.

There is still a human factor in the above situation. Standing and waiting for green light Drivers can spend priceless moments of a sick person.

After all, the ambulance is not just so hurry somewhere. At the site of this patient, any of us may be.

And what do you think to give way to the road in such an ambulance situation or not? Write your answer in the comments.

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