Do I need to wait when starting the engine when the fuel pump is punishes fuel?


As soon as the driver turns the key in the ignition castle of his car, he can hear how the fuel pump starts his work. Many drivers will wait just a few seconds when the hum will fade and a small click will occur.

Only then the driver «turns» his car. There is an opinion that it is not necessary to wait. There are drivers who immediately rotate the key until it stops and say that it does not matter for the engine. Whose end is true?

What processes are made during the start of the engine? In order for the fuel to normalize the circulation, it is necessary to maintain a certain pressure in the system. Once the key turns, the fuel pump produces a fuel mixture into the fuel ramp.

In cases where the start of the engine does not happen, it turns off through the controller. There is a «waiting» moment when the crankshaft will start rotation, and then the work is renewed again. If the engine is started, the fuel pump does not stop working.

During normal operation, the pressure does not fall in the fuel system, even if the engine did not start for a long time. Check valve ensures normal pressure. Thanks to it, an extra gasoline comes into the tank, depending on which mode, the engine is in operation.

The valve does not allow pressure to fall. The fuel produces an effect on the regulator membrane on the one hand, the air puts pressure from the exhaust manifold and gives resistance to the spring on the other side.

The greatest amount of gasoline enters the nozzles at large engine loads. The pressure of the fuel exceeds the strength of the spring and the resistance of the air when the load falls.

Excess gasoline is removed from the system, since the valve is excellent. When the regulator works normally, the pressure difference does not change. If he has a malfunction or does not work at all, problems immediately arise.

In the first situation there is an increase in fuel pressure, because Excess fuel can not flow into the benzobac. In the second case, there is a pressure reduction to the lower normal boundaries, since gasoline circulates via the system freely.

How do breakdowns arise? When the valve ceases to «hold», while pressing on the gas, the car is not so cravored. As soon as a certain «simple» car, it can be seen that there is no pressure in the fuel system.

When the driver wants to start the engine, after two hours of parking, the first time it will not be possible. The engine will be very difficult to «grab». If it is still possible to run it, then it will be unstable.

When the valve encourages, gasoline pumps gasoline, but it gives pressure on the valve, and it increases the pressure in the system. As a result, when nozzles begin their work, more fuel mixture enters the cylinders.

The mixture does not have time to get into full, which will be very well surrounding, because the black smoke will fill out of the exhaust pipe. Even the oxygen sensor will not be able to correct this situation, despite the fact that it will attempt to lower the opening time of the nozzles.

The pressure may fall not only due to the malfunction of the valve, but also thanks to the fuel pump, it can also happen, because He serves his time. Anyway to look for a fault, it is necessary individually. Should I wait?

When there are no faults, it is not necessary to wait for the pumping of flammable fuel pump. The pressure that is in the system will be able to give the engine a good start. The engine will work without complaints, the driver will not see the difference.

For your own calm and extra reinsurance, the driver can wait a second. More time is not required. When problems still have, it is better to wait for a click.

Otherwise, in the event of a pressure drop below the provided, the engine will not be able to start, or you will need several attempts to start it.

It is impossible to cover the eyes on this kind of breakage. As soon as the driver noticed a malfunction, he is better to go to the service right away. It happens that the engine must start dramatically and urgently, for example, when it stops at the intersection.

In such a situation, the delay during the launch of the DVS can lead to an accident and even fatal.

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