Do not think to throw away your old battery.


Not all parts and components from the car, failed, it is worth throwing away immediately. In particular, it concerns the battery.

It is necessary to competently dispose, as it can help significantly save on the purchase of a new battery.

Regardless of what reason the battery has failed, it can be sold and put on this well. However, the idea of the realization of the battery in the auto parts store should be immediately discarded.

As a rule, there will be a maximum of 500 rubles, but most likely this amount will be much smaller. A more advantageous option will be the passage of the battery to the reception point of non-ferrous metals.

After all, each car battery inside has a large amount of expensive metal, namely non-ferrous metal. This material today is quite expensive.

If you consider the fact that the car battery has a decent weight, then non-ferrous metal in it is not so little. As a rule, the battery weighs at least 14 kg.

If this is a battery from the cargo machine, then this parameter will be much more. That is why this battery is best to pass to the metal reception point. Often, such items are in all settlements.

As for the pricing policy, the battery from the passenger car will be able to rescue twice as much as if it was sold to the auto parts store.

If you could sell it for 500 rubles, then in the metal reception point it will be taken over 1000 rubles, and even more. For a large battery from a cargo machine, the amount will be released much more.

Celebrated money can provide significant assistance when buying a new battery. That is why it is not worth selling a used car battery, but best to pass it into a metal reception point.

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