Does the DPS inspector have the right to stop at night on the highway, without lighting.


Night areas on the roads — quite frequent phenomenon. Many drivers, if not to tell everyone, had to be stopped at night in a pitch darkness of the DPS crew to verify the documents.

Agree this test displays the driver from the comfort zone. Therefore, many people have a question: Does the actions of the staff in such a situation?

We will not talk about the night raids. When such events are held in the territory of settlements, where there is good coverage of special problems does not occur. More or more or less visible.

You can stop and prevent documents. But in the midst of a dark road, where the patrol car hides on the side of the bushes, and the inspector joins as if the devil from the tobaccochka, I want to stop at all.

Even more, give on gases, what if it are fraudsters?
So let’s figure it out if the right of DPS employees stop transportation in the dark on poorly illuminated roads, far from settlements?

From the point of view of legislation, the inspector can almost all. More precisely, there is no answer to the question nowhere. However, if you feel very well, then in the regulations of the work of traffic police, you can find something.

It turns out in accordance with the regulations of the inspector are obliged in conditions of poor visibility and darkness to carry the service on well-lit areas of roads. In addition, employees should be well noticeable to drivers.

To do this, use glowing rods and reflective uniforms.

That’s just this is just a regulation for work. Use the document in your defense is unlikely to succeed. Most often a representative of the rule of rights, in no way. Stop in the pitch darkness at the request of the inspector will have anyway.

The main thing is not to get out of the car, do not open the doors and even the glass is not completely lowered until you are making sure that it is really DPS employees, and not scammers.