DPS inspector requires to be understood — can I not agree?


To be understood or witnessed on the road, the DPS officer cannot, as a face interested. Therefore, inspectors should be called on to help ordinary ordinary people, in this case passing drivers.

However, not everyone wants to spend your time on such affairs. Moreover, it is possible to become understood later, and then to the court to be for certain procedures.

However, not everyone can decide to refuse to representatives of the authorities in this situation. Moreover, some employees can easily abuse their position and team voice to declare the irregularity of power.

No need to be afraid of such things. First you need to clarify the situation. Witness and understand are completely different things. The witness can really be called to court for testimony.

But it is understood only to be present with any action of the authorities and to fix the legality of what is happening. So the time in fact, the understanding too much is not taken away.

Nevertheless, if there is no desire to participate in what is happening or not at all, then you should not be afraid of a strict inspector. Even if he faces unsulking. It is worth recalling that the choice in this matter is only for the driver and only.

You can try politely refuse to call a good reason. For example, the wife in the hospital gives birth or mother-in-law awaits at the station. But the best thing is to answer the absence of a passport with you. As a rule, this argument acts trouble-free.

As for the legal side of the case. Nor where in any legislation or the rules of rules, it is not indicated that the inspector can force the driver to become understandable. He can only offer. Well, or at worst ask.

In no case require and even more threatening. Well, if the conflict is still brewing, ask the employee to indicate an article in the law on the basis of which he is so insistently trying to force you.

In addition to irregularities, of course, this is a completely different story. So you can freely refuse a similar role. Just need to do it delicately, brought up, confidently and with knowledge of the case.

However, do not forget that everything can happen on the road. Perhaps you will sometime be understood. And passing drivers will refuse one after one. So be vigilant and respect each other and representatives of power. Maybe then our roads will become a little safer.