For what drivers are pouring a bottle of Dimekside in the benzobac.


Cleansing the fuel system of the car is one of the important features with which drivers drivers will get acquainted.

The appearance of plaque on the tubes of the benzing plant, in nozzles, pollution of the gas tank, all this is just a small part with what will have to face motorists.

All this very negatively affects the car in the process of its operation, the engine power decreases, the car starts more gasoline usually, a number of different faults appear, which can be avoided during normal vehicle maintenance.

To clear the fuel system, car enthusiasts resort to the use of Dimeksid — this is a drug available for purchase in pharmacies. It is clear about the cleaning of fuel systems of auto and gas tank in particular with the help of Dexide.

Some motorists note that this cleaning method is very convenient and perfectly removes the fallout with nozzles, others believe that the Dimexide is not only not effective for cleaning the fuel system, but may also damage the sensors of the fuel injection system and sputtering cylinders, and this will lead to expensive repair And it may be threatened with a complete overhaul of DVS.

When using Dimeksid, it is important to know that it does not dissolve in gasoline, it is necessary to dilute it with ethyl alcohol and only then fill in the benzobac. Another way is to dilute Dimexide with acetone, it will connect water in the gas tank.

Otherwise, the ingress of pure DIMExide in the OBS will cause various global faults, the engine will stop and the need to clean the spark plugs will occur.
Is this effective cleaning method so much?

Experienced motorists are convinced that the use of Dimeksid allows not to appear raid on the nozzles, but also to clear a strong raid, which is present in the gas tank at the moment.

All the studied studies on the car of foreign production and domestic cars did not reveal any positive changes in the work of the engine.

It is for this reason that many specialists in the field of cars do not advise to apply similar «handicraft» methods for cleaning, and use special auto chemical agents.

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