For what drivers serve the signals blinking in the footsteps.


Since drivers of different cars during movement cannot communicate with words, they use light signals for this. So they can understand each other and without words.

The most common is blinking by headlights, which means that the DPS post is in front. Also drivers can use in «communication» and emergency alarm. It means grateful gesture.

For example, the driver can thank the other if he missed him on the turn or waited until he leaves the parking lot. There are many such inspiring signs that some drivers do not even guess.

For example, you can encounter the fact that ahead of the riding car begins to blink the stop signals. As a rule, only units of drivers know about the meaning of this symbol.

So, the stop signal of any car is made in red. This tint symbolizes the prohibition of any action. If there is a stop-signal lights in front of the riding machine, then the car slows down, warning from behind moving towings that they also need to slow down.

If the lanterns are burning for a long time, the driver intends to fully stop.
However, it is possible to observe a multiple intermittent pressing of the brake pedal.

In this case, it does not mean that the driver is going to stop. This signal is mainly used while driving on the highway. He means that the driver requires to increase the distance between vehicles.

At the same time, this should do this who moves from behind. This requirement must be performed, since its ignoring can lead to a serious accident.

It should be borne in mind that ahead traveling a car does not just ask for a distance to it. Perhaps the car has technical problems or there are some dangers ahead on the road. It may be an accident, poor road surface and so on.

In some cases, the blinking stops may have another designation. In particular, in conditions of driving at a slippery road, some drivers brake through intermittent pressing on the brake pedal.

This makes those who have a car is not equipped with ABS system. Intermittent pressing on the brake allows you to avoid full blocking of wheels and drift. If on such a car to slow down on ice on the ice, then the car can simply deploy.

The multiple pressing of the brake pedal in some way simulates ABS and the driver does not lose control over the control of the vehicle.
Another point.

Some drivers install blinking stop signals as decoration. Of course, it is impossible to call it a competent act, but the fact remains a fact.

At the same time, most drivers annoying when traveling a car blinks stop signals with each braking. It should be borne in mind that for such brake signals there is an attraction of a driver to administrative responsibility.

All light fixtures should work in the manufacturer mode. Otherwise, the driver can be fined 500 rubles. This sanction is provided for by Part 1 of Art. 12.5 COAP.

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