For which almost all cars have a torpedo button.


Button under a torpedo car. What is it needed for? The design of the newest cars of our time provides for the presence of some devices and many motorists do not know about their appointment and existence.

Many of these devices have already been discussed in previous articles, but one should consider another, which in certain cases will allow the driver to understand the situation in place and calmly continue the movement. This system is launched using a special button located in an interesting place.

Suppose the driver moves along the night rustic track, which is poorly illuminated and does not notice the deep hole on the way the car, the front wheel at high speed falls into it. With such a strong impact, the motorist can decide that the wheel is broken since the speed of the car is gradually decreasing.

True, the main problem is not at all in the wheel. If you pay attention to the dashboard of the car you can see that the tachometer arrow is at zero.

From this we can conclude that the speed of the car is not reduced due to the punched wheel, but due to the fact that the engine stopped his work.

Most drivers come to the side of the road, stopping the car, and try to run the engine, but the starter only scrolls and the ignition does not occur. It is very unpleasant to be in such a situation at night on an unlit road.

However, there is a solution to this problem. This problem speaks at first glance that there was a problem in the car ignition system or in the fuel supply system.

At the same time, with visual inspection of the engine under the hood, any wires may not be found that disconnected. The driver forgets that before entering the car in the pit everything worked without complaints.

Therefore, the solution is as follows. The device is provided for the presence of a special inertial sensor for turning off the fuel supply system.

Such a sensor is necessary to suspend gasoline in cases of accidents. However, it can work and when the car hits enough deep pits. That is why the engine stalls in the situation described above.

The problem of starting the engine in such a situation is solved very simply. There is a special button, which in most cars is located under torpedo.

As a rule, the presence of such a button primarily provide brands of Japanese and American car manufacturers. French car manufacturers install such a button in the carpentry space of the car, and it has a pronounced red color.

Therefore, when this button is turned on, the problem of starting the engine will decide by itself and can again continue the movement, while inspected the wheel.

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