For which some truckers hang empty bottles on the wheels.


Truckers are a special caste of drivers. In fact, the larger driver is a serious profession that requires a person not enough attention, patience and strength.

Therefore, everything that truckers make not deprived of meaning.

For example, many people think that empty plastic bottles in the wheels of the lengths of the lengths does not have any functional.

Perhaps it looks more like superstition. However, the situation is exactly the opposite account.

What drivers use empty bottles so that even experts in the program «What? Where? When?» Could not guess.


Despite the fact that the man still beat the experts, in response the brightest minds sounded the cherished word — cold.

It was the cold that became the factor that forced truckers drivers furrowing northern roads to contact the help of empty plastic bottles.

The fact is that harsh frosts are capable of imparting irreparable harm to any technique.

With a super low temperature, everything freezes and affects, and this is fraught with breakdowns.

What is especially unpleasant, again because of the cold. Empty bottles in wheels are notified by the driver about whether the brake pads have not come true.

Looking at the torque in the rearview mirror, the driver can easily see the faulty wheel.

Thus drivers avoid an extremely incomprehensible moment — the bang of the tires.

That’s all the trick. There are no superstitions or accepts. The main thing is that everything ingenious is very simple.

And this way to avoid some problems directly confirmation.

Sometimes the folk inventions can easily surpass even factory things.

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