For which the experienced drivers add citric acid into the expansion tank.


Drivers have many years of experience knows a lot of subtleties in the extension of the service life of various nodes and parts of the car. This time it will be about the engine cooling system. This is one of the most important systems that contributes to the full cooling of automotive engines.

Not everyone pays due attention to this system and is perfect in vain. The defective work of the cooling system leads to a variety of serious problems.

According to the instructions from automakers, antifreeze in the system must change once every three years. If the term will be significantly overestimated by additives will work worse and worse. In the liquid, gas will begin to form, which will lead to corrosion.

In consequence, there may be overheated in the power system of the car. And this is the detonation of fuel and an increased load on the piston system and the engine oil.

However, before changing antifreeze, rinse the system. Here it is just necessary for a small trick from highly diffused motorists. Long assistant in washing will be citric acid.

To make flushing you must first get rid of the old antifreeze. It is best to perform this work on the overpass, or with the help of a lift, well, or at a thin end in the car pit.
Next, bring the working solution.

In distilled water (volume equal to antifreeze), lemonic acid fall asleep — by 5 liters of water 100g. Acid. Prettyly all stir and pour into the system.

In order not to make a mistake with the volume you can find out the necessary numbers on the Internet. In the global web there are manuals for use almost for all types of cars.

With the resulting aqueous solution you need to work to work for some time. It is best to add revolutions a little and raise the temperature to 95 degrees.

Homemade Cleaning Liquid As I Circuit Cropling Cleans all the accumulated dirt. It will be visible in the final. After draining the liquid, a deep surprise comes.

Water will acquire a brown rusty color. But this was the work of citric acid. The system has become much cleaner. So you can pour a new antifreeze and be confident in the excellent work of the cooling system.