For which the experienced drivers are lubricated with a simple air filter with oil.


Some time ago, I witnessed the replacement of the air filter to my neighbor in the garage. For my surprise buddy before installing the filter processed it with an incomprehensible substance and only then licked on the laid place.

I was very interested in the process and I decided to find out what kind of magic fluid I used comrade. It turned out, this is a banal impregnation for air filters. Now I will explain.

There are air filters with zero resistance, in common «zuleviki». For them, the impregnation of a special composition is created to increase the efficiency of the filter.

After all, everyone is known, zuleviki is not too well collecting dust and larger particles. It is for better filtering that they are additionally processed. What do you need such filters for?

This is another question that should be discussed in a separate article. And now we are talking about a mysterious impregnation from the arsenal of my comrade — the experienced motorist.

So, let’s go back to my neighbor in the garage. He used the impregnation for zero filters. This is already understandable. It is not clear. The filter then he had an ordinary one, from those that do not require additional measures. In principle, «oil for air filters», so impregnation is called people, not at all required.

Modern filters are good enough in operation. Great dust and larger particles perfectly.
A neighbor in the garage patiently explained what’s what. It turns out that this trick he taught him a familiar car mechanic.

Thanks to such an additional processing, my neighbor saved his car from the hydroedar. No need to explain that the washed filter is much worse thanks water than the usual. You can only present the consequences of such a breakdown.

And so everything was having a small blood. So since then the neighbor never retreats from the rule to use oil for impregnation of filters.
What I want to say in conclusion. Use this advice or there is no case personally.

This is especially true of those drivers who are mostly driving only on city roads. However, it should be noted that there are rather necessary for the lovers of country trips to the country, or the air filter is rather necessary.

After all, dust on off-road in our country, what is called the post climb. A couple of hours of driving clock in such conditions is enough to score the air filter.

And the detail treated in the above way can be easily cleaned. Accordingly, the service life will increase significantly.