For which the experienced drivers are pressed on the gas pedal before starting the engine of the car.


Modern engineering does not stand still. So cars released about 25 years ago, they differ straightely from modern.

Nevertheless, motorists with great experience still retain some habits that were relevant just on cars of past years.

But are these habits (tricks) for modern cars? Let’s deal with more detail.

Specifically, let’s talk about what so far some drivers still survive the gas pedal before starting the engine. I had to self-observe such a picture.

If we talk about cars of past years, then such an action was more needed. Previously, the design of the car had a carburetor system that formed an air-fuel mixture.

Before starting the engine, that is, the rotation of the ignition key, it was necessary to squeeze the gas pedal several times. This allowed fuel residues to go into the intake manifold.

There the fuel evaporated quickly, and the pairs at the same time allowed to facilitate the start of the engine. Especially relevant action was in the cold season.

Among other things, the cars were equipped with the so-called suggestions in common. Now few people remember such detail. Especially the young generation of drivers. Modern cars no longer have carburetors.

Now the injection system is used everywhere. The electronic unit is responsible for all processes. So it is not necessary to interfere in the fuel supply process.

That’s actually the answer to the question appeared: for which some drivers before turning the ignition key. In order to facilitate the start of the engine. But only in old cars.

Modern machines are perfectly coping with everything themselves. Electronics controls completely all processes.

So it turns out that it is not necessary to survive the gas pedal before you have a modern car. The system will not happen to what happened earlier in the carburetors.

The habit is left, but there is no sense from it. However, there are no harm from such actions.

So the owners of such an earlier habit of squeeze gas before turning the ignition key, there is no reason to change.

The habit of let remains because in this case it is completely harmless.

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