From January 1, 2021, a new procedure for medical examination for drivers come into force.


The network is gaining momentum information that the order of the Ministry of Health will begin on January 1, which should change the procedure for passing a medical examination to receive a driver’s certificate.

This long-suffering order has been postponed several times. It must be said that delays happened exclusively for the better.

Now, according to new legislation, you will need to take a couple of new tests.

Moreover, expensive analyzes that will be given a certain time. In addition, not every hospital, especially on the periphery, it can boast the possibility of performing analyzes of this kind.

If you know easier to get them now, Selyanam will have to be selected in regional centers.

True, there is hope that this order will still not come into force. Neither or will post it thanks to some regular amendment.

Let’s go deep into history, even if not so far. In the spring of 2019, the Ministry of Health stated on the new procedure for the passage of medical examination for drivers.

Among other things, motorists will have to pass two mandatory analysis. The first is urine for the presence of psychotropes. The second is on a laptop transferin carbohydrate (CDT).

This substance can be found in persons who use alcohol daily to a strong intoxication state. The analysis is designed to help identify alcoholics.

First you should say about the cost of analyzes. One of them costs about three thousand rubles, another six thousand. The tests are far from everywhere have already mentioned above.

With all the inconvenience, the deadlines that can be stretched for a week will be.

Now about permissible indicators. CDT content — 1.2 percent, such a threshold was registered in a new law. However, this is very strange, because doctors indicate this figure as the norm, taking into account certain errors.

What threatens it? In the fact that almost everyone without much exclusion would have to prove the absence of such a disease as alcoholism.

Surely it would again be spending on additional analyzes and advice of doctors.

You can only be surprised by the inventiveness of our lawmaking. The other day, this bill was still decided to finalize and postpone another year, that is, until January 1, 2022, but it seems to be inevitable.

I would like to recall how innovations are completed in the passage of medical examination for drivers. Actually, it does not end it.

What is only worth a mandatory visit to narcologists and psychiatrists. It is clear that the doctors in this area are obliged to give their conclusion. For psychos and drug addicts behind the wheel can not be allowed.

However, the introduction of a mandatory electroencephalogram law did not approve the law, and medical institutions have nevertheless introduced the obligatory passage of the diagnostic procedure, which naturally on paid conditions.

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