From March 1, 2021, fake technical inspections without photo science will be considered invalid.


Based on the updated edition of the Federal Law «On the technical inspection of vehicles and on amending the selected legislative acts of the Russian Federation» The process of diagnostics, starting from 03/01/2021, will take place with some changes.

Maps of diagnostics of those TCs whose car owners ignore the technical inspection will be canceled by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

EAA will also earn (a single automated information system) that introduced and approved by the Prime Minister of Misoustin (2020 g).


This is done by the developers of the bill in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the roads, curbing the issuance of lime cards without passed inspection or conducting violations in the event of a non-compliance of the technique inherent safety requirements.

Operators for unlawful actions fall under administrative responsibility on the basis of Art. 14.4.1 Administrative Code, imposing fines from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles.

The diagnostic card is translated into an electronic format with an indication of the photo, dates (period of start and end of the inspection).

Motorists card will be issued on hand in electronic or paper version (optional).

On operators assigned to:
making data on the inspection marks in EAIS then;
photo scattering;

Positioning digital signature on the map when designing;
Transfer to storage in electronic format into a single database for up to 5 years.

The automated system will work around the clock. Access to it will appear at the traffic police inspections and professional associations of insurers.

One of these details of the TC or NO card of the machine will serve as an identifier of information obtained as a result of a technical inspection.

From March 1, another update provided for by law will come into force. The entire diagnostic process will be fixed on the camera.

Received pictures, date, location of technology will go to EAIS.

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