How can you remove the resistant smell of the drilled interior of the machine.


When buying a car, many take into account not only the technical characteristics, mileage and age of the machine, but also the purity of the cabin. Therefore, in many ads for the sale of cars, you can find a mention that the salon is not punched.

The aspect is important enough, despite a trifle moment. The tobacco smoke impregnates the upholstery of the cabin, rag covers of the seats. Therefore, people, far from smoking, is not very comfortable in such a car.

It is categorically not suitable for a smoked salon for families with children. But if all the same, you had to buy a car with a persistent smell of tobacco in the cabin, then you will have to work a little to get a little to withdraw the «aroma» cigarette from the purchased car.

Tips that can be used will be useful and smokers who decided to sell their prolonged iron horse.

Table vinegar is able to work wonders. All because acetic acid is an excellent adsorbent. The vinegar perfectly absorbs the tobacco smoke molecules, while cleaning the air from the unpleasant odor.

It is only necessary to fill a few small containers with 70% acetic acid and arrange them in the cabin. The duration of the procedure must be at least 16 hours.

Then you need to remove vinegar, but to ventilate the salon. True the smell of vinegar will not immediately. A couple of days with open windows during ride and flavors of tobacco and vinegar will disappear without a trace.

If you think the smell of cigarettes left not fully processing can be repeated.
By the way, a similar way will help get rid of evil smells and in the apartment.

Coal activated
In activated carbon, the properties are about the same as the vinegar. Only the processing duration will be much longer. There are approximately 30 tablets on the passenger salon.

They will need to unpack and decompose on the salon in small open containers. The main thing is to strengthen the tanks so that the pills do not crumble when driving. Coal is best changed once in a couple of weeks.

Roasted coffee grains.
Almost everyone knows that during the purchase of perfume after a tasting of several odors, it is proposed to clean the sense of smell using roasted coffee grains.

Coffee has the same effect as vinegar and coal. Only with everything, the grains also interrupted outsiders with their thin smell.

You can use coffee as well as activated carbon. And you can use fabric bags, so even easier. The main thing is that the fabric was breathable.

Grains need to be periodically shake, thus enhancing the effect. This method has one nice bonus, which is especially like to taste coffee lovers. The tobacco smell will pass, he will change the finest coffee fragrance.

Silica gel filler for feline toilets.
The substance from which this filler is made captures and locks odors. It is not necessary to steal the filler from a cat.

Just buy one package and use the same as coffee or coal. The smell of cigarettes will disappear.

If you are an avid smoker, but you want to save the interior, then smoke on the street.

Well, or acquire an electronic cigarette, many drivers have already enjoyed. During the movement from this type of smoking of the argent smoke, it does not occur.

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