How correctly answer the question of the DPS officer «yesterday drank?»


As we all know, many inspections love to «chat» with drivers and ask them some questions with a trick, for example: «Well, where are you going?», «Where do you work?» Or «How long have you been drinking?». Just about the last question and will be discussed in this article.

As always, to begin with, we turn to the leadership in the legislative environment. So, as you should dig up, I realized that we generally can not answer such a question, because he does not apply to the service.

In traffic rules, nothing is specified about such «friendly» issues. So we have the right to give them a refusal.

And now I will imagine that the inspector stopped us and says: «How long have you been drinking?».

It is unlikely that someone wants to prove long and diligently that I have, they say, there is a right not to answer your question, since there is nothing about it in PDD.

For some reason, it seems to me that almost all drivers will answer on the relaxation and will not be particularly tightened with the answer.

And therefore, sometimes some kind of Belibard can turn out, which will push the inspector to ask another one, and then still … So far will not work.

Now I will give you some successful options for answering such a question so that they finally lagged behind. Interestingly, if you answer the question of the question, then the ability to quickly leave will noticeably increase.

«Are you so sure that I drink alcohol?» (best answer a joke)
«And for me it is not seen that I do not drink at all?» (also benevolently and joking)
«Why did you get that I ever drank?»
«I wonder, and I didn’t know that I drink!» (just do not replay!)

It seems that something is wrong with me! Already on the sixth time your «friends» is asked this question (quite often rolling).

This is how you can get away from the annoying inspector, did not assimilate him, nor it.