How during the Soviet Union drivers traveled on summer tires in winter?


Today, modern drivers are very hard to imagine themselves, how can you drive during the year without changing rubber with winter on the summer and vice versa.

The generation of drivers who lived in the Soviet Union did not have to «reincarnate» their car for the season.

Definitely, it’s no secret that during the time of the USSR, everyday, the routine life of a person was by no means simple, it was hard to get the products, and the winter tires is suppressed.


At that time, people were happy to acquire a new car, now it is hard to even imagine how many managed to get money and buy a new «penny» (VAZ 2101).

For the people of that generation, it was a whole family event, in contrast to the new time, where the purchase of a car has already become commonplace.
In the time of the «Soviets», most owners did not even think about changing the rubber in winter, because it was very hard to buy it.

Therefore, many drivers went to the cold, harsh winters on summer tires, despite the ice and loose snow.

At the same time, accidents on the roads were at times less, despite the fact that everyone went on summer tires in winter. How did you still manage to manage the car on summer tires in the winter?

The answer to this question is the most simple as possible. In those days, people simply very carefully drove the car, in the summer they could afford to move quickly, and in the winter neatly and not in a hurry, so as not to give God to failure.

It was problematic to ride on summer wheels in winter only in the countryside, since the roads were not cleaned of snow, and it was sometimes impossible to drive on them.

However, and then the drivers found a way out of the situation. Special chains were installed on the wheels to increase the passability of the car.
Naturally, these methods were not desirable to use, but all this was only forced, since it was impossible to neglect them in those days.

There are also drivers who remember these wonderful times and each time recall them with warm and joy in the shower.

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