How I was deprived of rights for 4 months stopping on the track in the toilet.


Some motorists do not believe in rumors and stories that can be found on the network. However, one of the Internet users appealed to us with a request to tell about those terrible frauds that some inspector do. One of these framing people experienced on his own skin.

Hello, I want to tell you about my situation. In 2019, at the end of the summer, I and my family (the future wife and two of my sisters) were driving on the highway Volgodonsk — Rostov-on-Don. Moved for a long time, and therefore I wanted to the toilet. Well, I went quietly in my affairs, and when I came out, I saw Orav Gaishnikov, who crowded my car and family.

One traffic cop asks me, they say, whose car, and I answer that mine. Just 5 km back made overtaking and crossed solid. He began to ask me my rights, and I say he that I was not sitting at the wheel, and therefore I won’t give you anything. Then he still forced me to do it, constantly solid about the essential authorities.

Then this inspector finished drawing up his protocol and handed it to court. Ultimately, I was called to court. There were already harvested 2 traffic policemen and a 6-second video, as some kind of car (very similar to mine) without visible numbers and the driver did overtaking and rebuilt on their lane after the intersection.

Then they made a request for the location of signs in the terrain. It turned out that there were no prohibiting signs and marking at the very beginning of overtaking. The court did not even listen to me, not to mention the witnesses, because they, as the court said, is an interested party.

And it happened that I was deprived of rights for a whole 4 months, without taking into account that in 11 years he did not have a single fine behind the wheel. Only one warning of a decade ago. And they don’t care that I am disabled.

I have already lost two ships, now I am waiting for the third regional one. That’s how we have courts and DPS officers who are not like that was not driving that the driver and the state was not visible. Rooms. It seems that they are just spitting on the constitution. As the court said: «Your fault is indisputably proved.»

Sad story, but I hope that the Regional Court will be able to put all the points over Yo, proving my not acceptance to some left car.

Many of us believe that they live in an educated and civilization society, where everyone should behave seriously and fairly, not to mention the police officers who are obliged to provide protection to citizens. But on the basis of this story, which one of our readers told, it becomes an incomprehensible fact of deception here is such workers.