How is the excursion in Chernobyl?


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The queue remained behind, and we went to the station, the conductors usually agree on the one who in which sequence circles the zone to not be in one place at one time. The roads in the zone are surprisingly high-quality, for the most part of Ukraine they are much worse, therefore, from the border of a 30-kilometer zone to the checkpoint on the border of a 10-kilometer zone, we arrived in 20 minutes, and then another 10 minutes before the station.

The first stop comes right on the road somewhere in a kilometer from the station, near the unfinished third stage of the Chernobyl. The conductor immediately warns: «With the asphalt not to go.» From the road opens a good view of the station building and a new shelter, as well as that it remained from the construction of the 5th and 6th power units, they could not wash them away, so they stand and rust all past 35 years.

During the stop, the conductor tells the story of the third queue, and after 10 minutes calls back to the buses. After that, our path runs north of the station to the Memorial: «Those who saved the world.» We are going very slowly so that the conductor time to talk to tell the story of this place, and it is big. At this point, the agencies usually promise to stop near the pond-cooler and feeding local Somov, but it has been for several years as lowered and does not exist, but no one is in a hurry to clean this from the description of the trips.

On the way, we pass the military fire unit, 400 meters from the shelter, from which the first firefighters left the station in 86th to the station. The bus includes records of dispatcher negotiations by the terrible night, which in the aggregate with the story of the conductor creates a truly eerie atmosphere. The picture is built in the head, as the guys age 23-28 years old in the midst of the night pop up from the part and see the horror of this catastrophe, but still bravely break up to the crash site, towards the bony (Zen does not like the correct word). It is difficult to convey this moment with words, it can only be felt there.

Traveling the Chernobia from the north, we approach the observation site and the memorial. There are several objects that are not allowed to shoot, so it was possible to get out only a memorial and a new shelter.

From the shelter, we separate us less than hundreds of meters, and the radiation background does not exceed 3 microsypers per hour, in most parts of the site even before the 1st proven. The scale of the new shelter at such a distance is simply amazed, and the conductor in the meantime talks about its size, appointment, structure and construction. After 15 minutes, we again sit down on the bus and go to Pripyat. Departing from the observation deck, I see a couple of people from another group trying to make a beautiful photo, looking at the phones through the lattice of the fence of the guarded zone, which ended their trip, I do not know, but by the progress of the conductor: a few years ago, two Poles also tried to make beautiful photos, and When the security came to detain them, began to resist. Expected, they received from the protection of the zone with butts on the edges and went to the SBU Camera. It was necessary to listen to the conductors. (

On the way to Pripyat, we pass the traces of last year’s fires near the Chernobia, the picture of the burnt forest looks terribly and reminds the events of the 86th year. On the same road, but on the way back from Pripyat, at some point the conductors offer to attach dosimeters to the windows of the bus and literally after a few seconds, the devices configured to high sensitivity begin to go crazy. The bus in the midst of the usual road is announced by a yege of a dozen siren seconds for 30. The conductor explains that we have just crossed the western radiation trail left after the catastrophe of the 86th year. It is significantly less infected than the northern, where the radioactive substances hit during the first emission, but it is still not worth lingering here. I have time to snatch the phone at the end of the track, and filmed only the calm of the detectors. (Video above).

A few minutes later we were waiting for a meeting with a ghost city …

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Posted by: Fedor Karasenko