How much time is a person can survive on other planets without a skatera?


In the future, humanity is waiting for the settlement and terracilia of other planets of the solar system. And, of course, at the beginning of this process, a person will be on the surface of a particular planet in the scaffle. But let’s assume that for some reason you have no skaand or some breakdown happened to him. How much time can you live on another planet without additional equipment?

Since on the planet Mercury, like on the moon, there is no atmosphere, then the day its surface is heated to + 427 ° C, and at night the temperature drops to -180 ° C. On the day side of the planet, a person will die from the heat in less than a minute, while the majority of tissues used in the manufacture of clothes will light at such a temperature and the person will simply light up because of them. Therefore, you can last longer to hold out when you are on the terminator line, that is, on the border of the day and night or on the night side of the planet.

Here the main danger will be the absence of an atmosphere. Without a surprise, the air will start rapidly leave the lungs and break alveoli in them. All air will leave light less than a second. After 10-15 seconds you lose consciousness, and after 1-2 minutes, die from oxygen starvation.

Venus is a real hell. Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature on the surface of Venus is recorded for the planets of the solar system and is about 470 ° C. Moreover, its daily oscillations, in contrast to Mercury, are very small (about 1-2 ° C). The rains of sulfuric acid regularly come on Venus, and the atmospheric pressure there in some places exceeds the earthly 92 times. Because you have no chance of at least some time on Venus without a scaffolder. Venus’s atmosphere will crush you, the rebound and frozen in less than 1 second.

On the red planet climate is rather severe. The temperature on Mars varies from -60 to + 20 ° C, so suitable clothing may well protect a person from a low temperature. The extremely rescued atmosphere of the planet mainly consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon, and, it means that most of the air will quickly leave the lungs and inhale the new person will not be able. In addition to the absence of oxygen in the atmosphere, the planet is rich in dust, which constantly flies in the air and can damage the lung man when trying to inhale. In any case, due to lack of oxygen, you will die after a few minutes.

Since the planets giants do not have a solid surface, it is obvious that it is even impossible to land on Jupiter, not to fully live, but, let’s say, you somehow got into the atmosphere of this giant. The strength of Jupiter is much more earthly, so you will fall into the depths of the planet you will faster.

In the atmosphere of Jupiter a lot of dangers. There are strong hurricanes, reaching speeds of 500 km / h. Temperature and pressure rapidly increase with immersion in the atmosphere. All these factors in the depths of the atmosphere of Jupiter will kill a person in less than 1 second. Therefore, to survive a person there is impossible.

If you find yourself in the atmosphere of Saturn, you are waiting for the same fate as on Jupiter, since the composition and main characteristics of these two planets are similar. High pressure, high temperature and sufficiently significant radiation level will not allow you to live even a few seconds.

Therefore, if you can get into the atmosphere of these planets in any way and you have problems with a scaffold and other equipment, you do not have the chance of salvation.

Author: Alexey Nimchuk. Editorial: Fedor Karasenko.

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