How often should I give the engine of high revs so that he self-cleaning.


It turns out not always to «regret» of his iron horse. According to the advice of specialists, the car engine needs at least sometimes work at high speed. Such actions contribute to the removal of accumulated sediments in the engine.

During operation in the engine system, various cokes accumulate, simply say the engine is contaminated. The gentle appeal contributes to their formations, while working at high speed helps to get rid of these very deposits.

What exactly do specialists imply under the ride at high speeds? How to catch the thin line between a positive ride on high revs and between riding for wear? On this question and will seek the answer today.

If you start the parsing of flights, it is worth saying right away that rolling on turns of 2-3 thousand almost the optimal option for gasoline engines. The revs are not too high, but all the components of the engine are perfectly lubricated.

However, not everything is so unequivocal. According to experienced specialists, the motor should work on increased turns at least sometimes, because the optimal mode does not allow how to clean the engine from the accumulated sediments.

Meanwhile, it is working at high speeds that helps to cope with the coke in the motor is dumb better than different additives and flushing fluids. Why do you need to periodically make the engine cleaning?

In order for the accumulated sediment to be affected by the work of this engine. But pollution can entail serious problems. Due to deposits, oil consumption may increase or the engine dynamics will decrease.

This is just the beginning of a list of troubleshooting. It should also be noted that serious deposits will not be removed by high revolutions. Here you will need the help of specialists and complete engine disassembly.
How does purification take place in this way?

That’s how. When operating the engine in a car at elevated revolutions, thin oil channels are clean. They are polluted first.

Cleaning promotes high pressure generated in the engine. The rest is cleared under the action of high heating in combustion chambers. All cokes burning and disappearing about metal leaves with exhaust gases.

In order not to load the engine and still clean the cleaning need to be remembered that it is possible to increase the speed at a hundred kilometers.

However, this and so you have to make, for example, during overtaking maneuvers. Optimal numbers for cleaning the gasoline engine will be approximately 5-6 thousand revolutions.

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