How to act if the DPS inspector asked the driver to breathe in his direction?


Early in the morning, or at the later time of the day, the traffic police inspector often stop drivers to ask them to breathe on them in order to identify the presence of alcoholic intoxication from the driver.

True, this is done by DPS employees not only to test the driver’s sobriety, but also in order for the driver to make them on their legitimate requirements in a special tube.

All this is done with one goal if the car enthusiast made an exhalation aside by the traffic police officer, then the DPS inspector can tell the driver that the smell of alcohol vapor comes from it.

This is one of the explicit signs of alcohol intoxication, in this case to avoid the examination procedure will be extremely difficult, despite the fact that the driver is actually sober.

However, the rules of the road and including the Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not provide in their provisions of the indications that the traffic police inspector in the right to demand from the driver to make up in its direction. This means that if a person has exhaled towards the Employee of the DPS, he did it consciously and at his own request.

Providing everything described above, the driver has the right to respond to the request of the traffic police officer to ride in his direction as follows: «I am not going to perform this requirement, because It is not supported by any legitimate documents and rules. «

Based on such an answer to the request of the DPS officer, he most likely will not delay the driver, in the event that there are no other reasons for its detention, for one simple reason that to identify signs of alcohol intoxication by means of examination, the driver must first be improved Your car.

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