How to avoid a collision, if the car kept sharply.


Quite often, drivers have to resort to such a maneuver as emergency braking. Sometimes there may be obstacles that make dramatically slow down to avoid collisions or any unpleasant consequences.

In this case, the driver moving from behind the braking car should be resorted to emergency braking. The reaction must be instantaneous, otherwise one «will catch up» the other.

At the same time, the culprit of an accident will be exactly who «drove» from behind. So how to cope in this situation and do not encounter?

Something about emergency braking can be taken out of traffic rules. In paragraph 10.5, black on the white is written that the driver’s emergency braking has the right to use only in one case — to avoid accidents. However, punishment for emergency braking in other cases is not provided.

The culprit will always be considered the one who did not have time to slow down and hit the back. There, in the rules, there is a direct indication on how to behave on the road to avoid trouble with emergency braking.

Namely in paragraph 10.1, you can find information that you need to comply with the speed mode, be attentive and evaluate the situation during movement. As well as it is necessary to observe the distance to make any maneuver, including emergency braking.

Now let’s discuss what to do if ahead traveling vehicle suddenly slowed down. Perhaps most importantly, you need to remember, this is a fact of short-term, that is, to react and react correctly from the driver there is a minimum of time.

According to science, a person is able to consequely react through half a second. During the same time, the car can move 17 meters and this at a speed of 60km \ h.

And if the speed was higher? It is not difficult to guess that there is almost one instant at the disposal of the driver for emergency braking.

It is especially important to feel and know the possibilities of your car. You need to know how quickly the machine is capable of slowing down. From here, the ability to reflect the car as quickly as possible.

If there is an ABS in the car, then the situation will improve without the participation of the driver. It will only be enough to click on the brake. And if there is no ABS, you will have to slow down in such a way as not to block the wheels yourself. That is, the driver will have to press the brake pedal several times, thereby becoming the action of the anti-lock system.

With a sharp braking in front of the running machine, a completely natural reaction will attempt to get away from the collision, then you mean to unscrew the car to the right or left. The reaction is quite natural, but not quite justified.

You can still turn on the road. Although it is worth remembering that as soon as the wheels touched another coverage, you need to immediately let the brake immediately, otherwise the car can take.

Again, the side must be empty. If you want to screw in the right lane, you need to have time to look in the rearview mirrors.

Other cars can move along the right strip and then the consequences can be much more serious than the blow of the front bumper in the rear. Well, the turn is not worth talking to the oncoming.

In this case, in general, a serious accident may happen, the reason for which will be just a car ran away from collision. And again I would like to remind you that it is better to get a blow to bumpers when braking than a counter-punch forehead in the foreman.

In general, it is also important to remember what is specified in the traffic rules, that is, to observe the distance, be attentive and not exceed the speed mode. Then the probability of a collision, even with emergency braking, will be minimized.

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