How to competently rebuild in winter on the snowy road so that the car does not bring.


Maneuver rebuild is one of the most common actions that have to perform every motorist without exception.

It is important to understand that this particular, most common maneuver at first glance, can be called the most dangerous of all. Especially the statement concerns the winter period.

Many motorists definitely do not betray much attention. Therefore, on the roads you can always meet drivers constantly rebuilding despite difficult weather conditions and ice.

Meanwhile, there is a certain spinner of actions, which will help to avoid serious trouble during rebuilding on winter roads.

To begin with, let’s figure it out in all the dangers of lumping drivers on the winter road. Ozoled has already mentioned above.

In addition to the ice plane on the road surface there is also a rut. From which it will be very difficult to get out due to frozen bars.

If I got into a king, then as they say in the old joke, where the car is going to go out of it … It is also necessary to remember that in the winter roads are also because of the sites with snow.

To speak more precisely, on the winter road, the car may be in a situation when different wheels are on different coatings.

For example, one wheel remained on ice, and the other hit the snowy area.

The clutch in this case will be different and immediately the danger arises to get into the skid.

Experienced drivers know how to correct the situation and go out of cyclic drift, but sometimes it does not leave the car, and sometimes it just lacks time. The result is deplorable.

So in fact, valuable ability to prevent such situations, not to leave them.

Perhaps the main dangers of winter roads discussed. Now it is worth talking about how to drive the car to prevent danger.

You can start to distribute rebuilding into two parts. Many do not think about it, but make overtaking and rebuilding in one reception, as well as the warm season.

That is, the moment is chosen, and then restoring to the left, overtaking another transport and quick return to your lane. In winter, it is best to make rebuilding thoroughly, in 2 reception, as already mentioned.

For a start, the right moment is selected. And then the first part of rebuilding is already performed.

It is necessary to move the snow brushner, which is very often formed between the two strips of movement, first the first next to the wheels.

Then you have to align the car, and then completely move to the left row. Overcast another car, and then make a refund to your lane in the same way.

Thus, it is possible to significantly reduce the possibility of driving. In general, it is best to stick to the Golden Rules of Winter Drive — to make rebuildings on winter roads as less as possible.

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