How to get rid of divorces and strips on the windshield from the janitors. Surrounding trick that eliminates the problem in seconds.


The offseason is always fraught with a large load for automotive janitors. So, I worked out a couple of seasons completely embarrassed. It should be noted that problems with wiper began a lot more than the above time.

Perhaps in the middle of the first season. The rest of the time I patiently demolished divorces on the windshield. The patience came the end, and I still replaced the brushes, but the bands after the work of the janitors did not disappear.

I’m tired of the dirty windshield, that I was ready to buy new leashes. And this, you need to notice, waste is not small. On my model of the car leashes in price of about 3500 per piece.

And there are cars for which leashes cost much more. But what to do, if in the rain and slush the glass remains in divorces. And this significantly reduces the road overview?

It turns out that there is an effective method of bringing the wipers in order without spending the brushes or leashes. About this method I told me the mechanic of a hundred, to which I arrived to make a planned then.

The mechanic noted the stripes on the glass and taught me unreasonable how to correct the situation. And also explained what the reason for the appearance of the bands during the work of the janitors.

It turns out that wine is bad work of wiper wipers not worn brushes, although this factor is also important.

In fact, the wipers begin to work worse due to the stretched springs in devices. By the way, many drivers themselves exacerbate the situation. This happens during the winter period.

Motorists diverge the wipers and leave them in this position in order for the gum not about the glass. From such care, the wipers come into disrepair due to the forced stretching of the springs.

So in my case you just needed to work with springs.

You can replace them with new, searching suitable in the store. And you can come even easier. I easily rooted the pairs for a couple of springs turns and put them back.

It turned out easily and quickly. And the result exceeded all expectations. Now there are no lanes on the windshield. And I did not have to throw money into the wind.

So with the help of one wise mechanic and simple passage, a defect was eliminated with whom I had to suffer for a long time.

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