How to get rid of fogging in the car in a tricky way in a second by pressing only one button.


Each motorist with the arrival of cold weather is facing the same problem — stuffing glass. And every motorist copes with this problem in its own way.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, or the advice of comrades or advice from the Internet.

If you take tips from the network, then the range of solution of the problem varies quite widely in costs, and to apply efforts. And the result does not always justify the means.

In fact, get rid of the stamped glasses in a matter of seconds, you just need to know how to do it.

The appearance of condensate on the glasses contributes to the difference in temperatures on the street and in the car. This happens even despite the low thermal conductivity of automotive glasses.

And more wet clothing, and in general, the wet weather, contribute to the manifestation of excess moisture in the car and deposit condensate.

Naturally dove glasses dramatically reduce the review, if at all do not deprive the driver of visibility.

It is often possible to wipe the glass with a dry, well absorbing rag. However, rubbing do not save and do not give a complete drying of the glass.

We also do not save and ways from the network, such exotic as wiping glass toothpaste, shaving foam or soap.

Well absorbed wicking bags with silica gel, but it takes time. And the glasses should become dry as soon as possible and the way should be as efficient as possible.

Many motorists simply include the stove. Moisture leaves, but rather slow. And sometimes it can lead to the opposite effect.

The fact is that the stove can serve as an additional source of humid air from the street. And then the stamps can dry up for a very long time.

It is much easier to use air conditioning in order to eliminate condensate. Exactly! The air conditioner turned on quickly dries air.

The main thing is to turn on the air from the street. Air circulation in the cabin will not give a complete effect. Air conditioning will have to work within a pair of tens of seconds and glass will become clean and dry.

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