How to get rid of the screens and divorces of janitors in the cold. Surrounding trick that eliminates the problem in seconds.


With the arrival of cold weather, motorists arise a number of problems. One of them includes the complexity of the work of janitors. Due to frost, the brushes become solid and layers and stripes remain on the glass.

And the job of janitors in the cold is accompanied by nasty creak.
Many immediately decide to change the brushes to new ones.

However, the purchase of new windshield wipers do not correct the provisions. So it turns out, the money flies not the wind, more precisely on the frost.

In fact, save the position can also be quite simple. Of course, it is necessary to make a reservation at once that problems with janitor are solved easily for those who have windshield heating in the zone of folded janitors.

However, not all cars can boast such luxury. So for many, as for me personally, another way is suitable. About him and talk below.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Rubber brushes in the cold become solid and non-refined. This is due to the chemical composition of the material. The easiest way to maintain the elasticity of rubber wipers is the processing of brushes with an additional material.

This material is a simple defrostor for locks or ordinary silicone grease. By the way, the things that are extremely necessary in winter takes with them every self-respecting motorist.

So it turns out that the versatility of the use of substances containing silicone is great. Processing the brushes of janitors in the cold refers to one of the many points of application.

What is the best way to use a substance in the form of a spray or liquid. It is much more convenient in use. You can sprinkle a piece of foam rubber and rub the rubber part.

The substance needs to be applied directly to the rubber parts of the janitors and more nowhere. In the rest of the places, for example, on bends, Silicone will have a bear service, will gather extra dirt.

And the silicone rubber just returns elasticity and will not allow to become solid. The wipers will work easily and practically, almost as in the warm season.

Nasty creaking and annoying bands will disappear. By the way, silicone processing is enough for quite a long time, about 3 weeks.

Of course, the key point will be the intensity of use, that is, weather conditions in general. But most importantly, the procedure is easy to repeat, because there is no special work in this matter.

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