How to make the rear view camera is always clean.


The easiest and most expensive way to contain a rear view camera car clean. Parktronic (Rear View Camera) — The device is very useful for the motorist.

Parktronic allows you to make a maneuver to ride without special difficulties and of course parking cars.

However, the rear view camera must be clean, because there is no use from blurred mud or dust.

When installing parking sensors, some brands of car manufacturers put and wasosher for the camera so that it is always clean and allowed to quietly ride the back.

If the design of the car does not provide a washer, then the driver must clean the camera lens manually that is not safe for the camera.

Since these actions can lead to the appearance of scratches and defects, and this will affect the device’s performance.

How to protect the pacrtronics from pollution? The problem can be solved by installing a special mechanism that can close and open the chamber as needed.

All this is done with the help of a special electric motor that comes with the device.

However, such a mechanism costs more than five thousand rubles, and this is not small money.

There is a cheaper option to solve the rear view camera ishing.

It is necessary to combine the wash system of the rear window of the car along with the parking sensor.

A special spray nozzle is installed directly close to the camera and connects to the washing system.

Such a mechanism will allow you to maintain in the purity of parking sensors and prevent violations of its work.

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