How to open the door in the car, if the castle is frozen.


Surely every motorist can remember the situation when the car doors simply frozen. It may be because of washing in frosty weather.

For example, after washing, we calmly arrived to the house and closed the car, and in the morning, leaving for work it turns out that the water that fell into the castle frozen and does not give open the door.

The same can happen after the rain. If they walked in the evening, and frost hit at night. The door in any case does not open.

The most important thing is that not to open the driver’s door, the one that can completely change the situation with the freezing of castles.
One way or another, but you have to act.

How exactly? Let’s grow out. The main thing is that you need to do is check all the doors also froze. If not, then it is a big luck.

Purchased to the driver’s seat and forth on a warm parking or garage to drain the rest. Even a long way on the car will help moisture accumulated in the castle, dry.

If no door succumbed to, then a trunk will be open? The ideal option will be the back of the rear seat, which can be folded.

And again the path to the driver’s site is open. Let not be the easiest, but still.

And if the trunk did not save the situation, then only one thing remains. Heat the castle. To do this procedure will help the lighter. Over the flame, you need to warm the key of the key and insert it into the castle.

The first time is unlikely to warm up the system. So you have to be patient, but there is no choice anyway.

It is much easier if under hand there are infirmized tools, for example, hairdryer. They can heat the lock rather quickly. The main thing is not to include it at full capacity.

Otherwise, you can damage the paintwork. Also, if there are other motorists nearby, you can ask them the cigarette lighter and bring it to the larva of the castle.

Saving the situation will help a glass of hot water. It is hot, and not steep boiling water. Here the same need to fear for the condition of the paint. Although perhaps one glass and can not do.

Well, in the extreme case, if auto shops are already open, you can buy a defrostator of locks.

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