How to overtake the dusty T / C and protect yourself from a fine of 5 thousand rubles, while retaining your driver’s license.


The top 5 of the most popular fines include disorders for incorrect overtaking. Even experienced drivers can cause surprise frequent innovations in the rules of the road.

Many car owners do not know how to be when they are encountered in front of them. Slide on brakes solid marking and prohibiting overtaking sign?
I compiled for you an instruction that will help protect yourself from a fine of 5 thousand rubles. And save your driver’s license.

So, if you see that there is a red triangle with a yellow contour on the stern of the ticochode, then ahead of you is definitely a low vehicle. Before overtaking, you need to look, whether there is a markup and signs.

If you have noticed a solid marking, but could not see the prohibitory sign, in which case the vehicle should not be overtaken, as we pay for your certificate or a fine of 5 thousand rubles.

If you have a sign allowing overtaking, you can safely make overtaking. Even the Supreme Court ruled that such an action is absolutely legitimate and does not violate any rules.

Remember that it is not necessary to produce ticker, if you are on a dangerous area of the path. All these sites are fixed in traffic rules that are prohibited from performing overtaking at bridges, steep turns, tunnels, areas with s (limited visibility), as well as overpass and overpass.

If you do not see any distinctive signs on the food quiet car, then look at your speedometer. It is forbidden to overtake transport if its speed is greater than 30 km / h, since in this case the car is not low.

If you overtook such a vehicle with a sign that prohibit overtaking, and continuous marking, then you threaten the deprivation of a certificate or a penalty of 5 thousand rubles.

If ahead is developing a speed of less than 30 km / h, then the best solution will wait for marking or a sign that allows overtaking. After them can already overtake the car.

However, it is not always possible to run into a penalty when overtaking the ticker without a sign. To avoid it, remember or write down the model and the TC brand, remove the video, take a picture or call witnesses. In case of success in proof, you will avoid punishment.

If you are the owner of the ticker, then it is better to get a stern sign as soon as possible. So, you will stop creating an ambiguous situation on the road and stop misleading other drivers. Be patient: Wait for the sign and markup to avoid possible consequences.