How to park the car at the reservoir, so as not to be discharged.


Summer is time when everyone is already tired of the heat and want to swim. And therefore many motorists think about traveling to the sea, river or lake.

However, to get to them in most cases falls on their car, as no buses do not go there.

But, unfortunately, not so many car owners know that it is necessary to leave their car competently, and otherwise you can get a solid penalty that can hardly decorate the rest. That is why it is worth contacting the establishments of the water code of the Russian Federation.

They contain special territories where it is forbidden to leave their vehicle. The distance of the territory is calculated from the size of the protected zone, which refers to the water areas.

Car parking in protected areas you can run out of 3 to 4.5 thousand rubles. However, it is possible to avoid it, knowing about all aspects of such a law.

First of all, I will tell you about the numbers that give us the rules of the road. Along small rivers with a length of up to 10 km, it is forbidden to put your cars less than 50 m from the bed. Along the middle rods up to 50 km long, it is forbidden to park the car at a distance less than 100 m from the river bed.

Along the major rivers it is forbidden to park at a distance less than 200 m from the river bed. And in the case of the seas in general for half a kilometer. But there are certain limitations in such rules.

If the rivers or the sea are located near the city, then fulfill all the requirements will not be possible, since cars are constantly driving. Here the boundaries are perpetrated by parking parking. If you stop your TC further, you can already calmly count on fine.

If parking is not far from the water area, leave the car there is not prohibited, as it was specially equipped for such needs. In short, where there is a solid asphalt, you can safely park. However, it is worth noting that it is impossible to move from the asphalt on the soil.

But in any case, the question of the parking lot of the water area remains controversial and does not always happen clearly what’s what. Experienced drivers are generally not recommended to visit there, where there is a sign «Water-cutting zone».

There usually sit inspectors who will gladly write you a penalty for violation of the rules. In this case, it is necessary to look at the distances I wrote about above.

And it is best to go to the whole family on equipped water bodies, where everything seems clear or, on the contrary, in some wilderness, where no one comes to you.

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