How to properly warm the automatic transmission, so that it serves a long time.


Modern motorists, especially those who live in urban conditions, have increasingly began to prefer automatic transmissions. Such a transmission significantly saves time and of course nerves when driving around the city.

Classic mechanical boxes are now trying to choose only fans of this species. Well, or drivers with great experience, immigrants from the past, accustomed to switch the speed at the instinct level.

While there are still automata in our lives are quite expensive and in service and in replacement. So the care of the automatic transmission needs to be given sufficient time. One of the most important factors in the extension of service is to warm the transmission during the cold season. In our country it is most relevant.

Network Pestrite by various rollers offering ways to warm up. However, some of them have a small share of performance, others can affect irreparable harm.

To be extremely useful, I had to consult with a mechanic who has a lot of experience in this kind of business. And what he pleased.

First, it should be noted about the negative attitude of my consultant to such methods as switching transmission modes even before the start of movement. The methods of refining the cooling system for the sake of Warming up the automatic transmission are not too effective.

And all because it is not possible to warm the transmission in place. The first method, switching modes with a car, only increase the load on the box and reduce its resource.

The improvement in the cooling system will not give a visible result because at idle turns to achieve the desired temperature in 80 or even 90 degrees in a few minutes it is not possible. We will have to keep the car working at idle at least an hour.

It turns out actually more than just. The most correct way as soon as possible to warm up the automatic transmission is the beginning of the movement. Operating temperature can be gained in just 5 minutes, even in tangible cold.

You just need to warm up the engine and start a smooth movement. Move the first few minutes (up to 10 minutes) is best on low revs, which, by the way, is quite useful for the engine. It is not worth gaining momentum. This is unnecessary loads automatic transmission.

Do not worry if the transmission is slightly «kicking.» During warming, it is quite normal phenomenon, especially in the conditions of our harsh winters.

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