How to return the car mats black for a penny.


For the car you need to follow as carefully. And not only for the state, but also for cleanliness, both outside and inside. Cleanliness in the cabin can say a lot about the owner of the car.

Yes, and the sale will significantly increase the chances of a decent price. So the presentable view of the salon is a fairly important aspect. And the owner itself is nice to be in the car when she is fine.

One of the important aspects of the spoofing presentable species is the faded rubber mats. They quickly lose their original black color. They appear on them, which do not wash neither simple water nor chemical means.

Meanwhile, mats in the car thing is extremely necessary. They delay moisture and dirt protecting internally covering the car.

You can certainly get rid of this problem and buy a new set of rugs. However, if old are still in good condition, then why throw money on the wind.

You can return to the faded rugs former beauty almost for a penny and spending only a few minutes of time.
Of course, all products need to be rejected to start.

Remove all dirt from hardly available places. Simply, extend them with a brush and detergent, and then need to spit good. Furious rugs need to be treated with a simple solution, which is prepared from water and glycerin.

Glycerin is sold in each pharmacy. Its price is minimal. You need a little substance. I adapted to cut a solution of 25 ml of glycerol and 75 ml of water. Two components can be pretty stirred in a conventional plastic bottle.

Apply the resulting mixture is best gradually. The bluff of the smaller on the rug needs to be confused on the rubber solution with a regular sponge for washing dishes.

If a solution can be low. It is not worth pouring right away, then the surface of the rug can be overlooked.

The result will not make yourself wait. Rubber will immediately darken. Divorces and stripes will be removed. Rugs will look like just purchased.

The residue of the solution can be wiped the side surfaces of the tires. Black rubber on wheels is beautiful. By the way, this processing is enough for a month somewhere, of course, with the condition of pure shoes.

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