How to wash the engine perfectly when the oil is replaced (without a 5-minute washing).


Good day dear readers! Today we will talk about how best to cope with the washing of the engine when the oil is replaced.

Almost all oils used for flushing are mineral. In fact, it is the cheapest low quality oils.

After such a washing, remove them completely will not be released. So, as a result, when filling a good oil after washing in the engine there will be a cocktail from cheap and high-quality lubrication.

It is clear that the percentage of bad oil will be low, but nevertheless, he will still be present.

There are such additives that are referred to as five minutes. These are aggressive fluids that are added to the oil. In five ten minutes, such a cocktail should merge and pour good oil.

And here again it is impossible to completely remove the resulting mixture. Additives will still remain the system. In addition, fast solvents have one feature.

They are far from all and do not immediately remove raids and deposits. This method rather softens the «problem» and it remains on the walls. And after all this, it gets into the pallet.

The oil worker is clogged once or twice. The result: premature camshaft death and cylinder head. In general, too, the option is not from the best.

To clear the engine well will go this way. About 1000 km before replacement, it is possible less, to the old oil you need to add a soft cleaner.

So long deadlines will help completely clean the engine. Everything is simply somewhat when replacing the oil and cleanliness is provided.

It is possible to argue, they are completely not completely somewhat, as was the above. Fully cleaning the engine from the old lubricant is not worth it. You can easily get dry friction at the first factory after changing the oil.

You can do even better and that’s how. Buy any inexpensive, but high-quality oil suitable for your car. Pour and ride a couple of thousand kilometers.

It will clearly clean the entire unit, even better than any five-minute additives. It is important to correctly select an alkaline number of oil, well if it is a little more than your permanent oil.

This will strengthen the cleansing effect. And then just drain the unnecessary lubricant and fill the usual oil you always use.

Such gentle methods will help clean the engine to the desired state without bringing harm. This will significantly extend the service life of the car and will relieve from the headache of any motorist.

Be careful to your Iron Horses and they will repay you a long and faithful service.

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