I bought a trailer on a passenger car, but now the rights of the category «ve» are needed.


Cars are designed to transport anything on them. Even passenger cars can be easily turned into a decent carrier, hooking a trailer behind.

Almost every motorist was engaged in such a carriage. Especially parts practiced trips with the trailers of dackets, lovers, as well as many other motorists.

However, DPS officers are very biased to the caste of drivers with trailers. To the greater the inspector, simply use the illiteracy of drivers and bred them to the fines motivating allegedly legal grounds.

It is on how to avoid a similar, often not deserved punishment and will be speech today.

The first and most important thing you need to know every driver is the lifting capacity of your trailer. For what? In order for legal reasons to respond to a DPS employee that the category «E» is not required in certain cases.

The category «E» in the driver’s license states about the resolution of the motorist to drive a car with a trailer. However, there is a small correction in the traffic control.

For trailers weighing up to 750 kg. Such a category is not required. Not everyone knows about it. But this is known to employees, but they are unsinkable manipulate the drivers and write out fines, are not legal fines.

To dispel all doubts, let’s consider together. So, the weight of the standard modern automotive trailer within 200 kg. The maximum allowable weight of the cargo in such a trailer is 450 kg. Even with rough calculations, 650 kg is obtained. Another 100 kg of fores, and DPS staff are already trying to finish.

Approximately the same is the situation if the mass of the entire composition (the machine, trailer, weight of the cargo) does not exceed 3500kg. But if the trailer, the weight of which is 750 kg, to decompose a clear advantage to a heavy SUV. Here, employees can deservedly require the presence of the category «E».

In general, the remark about the weight of the trailer and the same weight of the car, made at the beginning of the article, as can not be. Knowing exactly all aspects of traffic rules and weight of their car, it is possible to easily put in the place of the PAR officer.

In order to be more savvy in this matter, you need to shut down Article 25 FZ. Then, on the request of the category «E» employees of DPS, it will be possible to answer confidently, without fear of obtaining an unauthorized penalty.

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