I bought myself a car, and now the tax service requires to explain where the money got.


Good day dear channel readers! Today we will talk about how the tax service has been working since the beginning of 2020. We will analyze everything on a particular example of one citizen who bought itself a used car.

So on one of the forums on the Internet, the girl under the name Victoria told her story when she decided to have a serious acquisition and bought his first long-awaited car, not new, but still.

Girl copied for a long time. She had work with official employment only in 2017. Wages were not high. But the next three years the girl, again, officially did not work anywhere.

It so happened that the girl had to just work out, receive a black salary without registration. However, she was able to kill the desired amount and made a large purchase.

The joy of acquisition was overshadowed by a letter from the tax, in which the details of the purchase and lack of income over the past two years were painted.

FTS checked the girl’s accounts for the receipt of large sums. Such did not turn out. In simple language, the tax authorities were worried about what such income a car was purchased.

That is, the income and expenses of our heroine categorically do not coincide, and this is alarming.

As a result, the girl was invited to give clarification about the major acquisition. In the presence of violations, she will have to provide the SNFF and pay all taxes and other recovers in favor of the state.

The girl wondered how to be in such a situation. Specify the car as a gift from parents? They will check them and whether they had the opportunity to have such a major amount.

If it is a gift from the lover, you will have to pay a tax with an expensive gift that I liked you yet a relative.

This indicative story suggests that the tax service seriously took up the disassembly of flights at expensive purchases. From 2020, the FNS thus tries to bring to the light of self-employed people who do not pay taxes.

Under the blow should be hit by those who work for themselves without registration and get pure profits. As stated in one of the social advertisements on television: paid taxes and sleep quietly.

It is impossible to receive clean money in our country, it is necessary to share with the state.

Conclusion: Be extremely attentive and if you are not in the tax pay database, then all your major purchases will be tracked. For them will have to report.

And if you need, you will fill in the declaration and pay 13% of the acquisition cost. In case of suspicion of illegal income, everything can turn into the appeal of the FTS to court.

Please write your opinion about this below in the comments, and who else had such cases.

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