If a neighbor puts his car before the entrance, how to solve this question.


There are no certain conflicts between the drivers who park on one courtyard area, so it was, and so most likely will always be.

Some want to calmly pass and park in their own yard, others believe that they are allowed and they can park how they do.

How can you convey the idea of such neighbors that you need to park your car right? Purify the wheels, scratching or painting the car of the negligent neighbor is not worth it, all the same, this is considered a damage of the property and the case will end with the court.

In almost every Russian yard, it can be faced with the following situation, the neighbor constantly puts his car before the access door, thereby blocking the passage.

With such people, you need to try to go to the dialogue and try to maximize culturally explain the rules of parking. To do this, you need to reinforce your arguments by the operating traffic rules.

What bans are there regarding traffic and parking in the residential area?

It is forbidden to park your car on the sidewalk, a pedestrian walkway. For such a violation, you can get a penalty of two thousand rubles. You can complain about such actions at least every day, while the thought does not reach the neighbor and he will not understand that it is cheaper to park right, or leave the car on a special parking lot.

It is forbidden to put your car opposite the garbage tanks.

It is forbidden to be long in one place if the motor is turned on. You can not more than five minutes. In the summer, this is quite the right time, in the winter, of course, no one complains, if of course the driver does not swear, not Hamit and does not stand under the windows of hours.


It is forbidden to park near the entrance of the cargo cars, the mass of which is more than 3.5 tons

It is worth knowing before starting an explanatory conversation with your neighbor, you need to thoroughly explore the rules, because, for example, pockets, which is near the entrance does not always relate to the pedestrian zone.

For example, if the pocket does not have a border harness, and it smoothly goes into the zone of the car’s movement, then it does not make sense to prove something. Any lawyer will make it clear that even traffic cops will not be fined for such a parking lot.

What to do in this case?

If it is impossible to agree with the neighbor of Pulisko, you can turn to the valiant staff of the traffic police. Then the situation immediately and will clarify whether such a violator will be fined, or there is no violation in its parking.

To resolve this situation in a peaceful way, you can collect the «nonsense team» and submit a request to the municipal administration, to create special parking in the yard.


Tune around the entrance your own barriers is prohibited. In this case, the passage for ambulance, police and other auto special services will be difficult. Of course, it also faces the fine.

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