In state


Some time ago, new rules were widely discussed that they want to introduce into traffic rules governing modern legislation.

According to these proposals, drivers must be fined when checking on the road for some faults.

For example, the penalties will be subject to such shortcomings as tires not within the season, the use of hammer only on one of the wheel axes of the car.

As well as the malfunction of the hydraulic power steering, the absence of sunscreen visors, inconsistency in lighting devices (light bulbs and regulator headlights).

It is absolutely not clear what magical way everything will happen on the roads according to such new laws. By the way, there were still adequate people who are still perplexed over all that is happening.

For example, Vyacheslav Lysakov is generally difficult to present how incomprehensible manner Mr. A policeman will be able to find out on the road if there is such a defect in a stopped car as a spontaneous movement of the steering wheel due to the malfunction of the hydraulic agent.

Probably an employee must carefully watch the steering wheel through the machine window.

If it is logically to argue and first of all adequately, then you can not load such nonsense. It is clear to everyone that the faults described above are checked during the technical inspection procedure.

Actually, for these purposes, this procedure exists. Such malfunctions must be identified and eliminated during the technical inspection.

And to seek troubleshooting during the usual test of speech documents should not be. DPS employees can only notice the absence of sunscreen visor, and even that, only in sunny weather.

Yes, perhaps the inconsistency in the lighting system, then you mean the brightness of the headlights at night. Everything else is simple Patrol DPS to check on the road is simply not possible.

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