In the fight against tripods on roads, drivers begin to defeat.


It seems that the notorious tripods, so the people called mobile cameras of fixation, very soon will go back to the background. The fact is that the right-way of such cameras were given in private hands.

With the Tes most pore the owners of cameras became sworn enemies of all motorists without exception. Drivers recently lost patience.

Cases of attack on both cameras and their guards sitting somewhere nearby.

Drivers try to harm the tripods and tripods who can. A roller appeared in the network, in which the tractor driver simply fills the portable fixation cameras that come across on the road.

And this can be considered a harmless action. Because there are a lot of video where drivers simply break the cameras, and even give Tumakov to comrades guarding these very camera.

How many cameras were shot through the pneumatic rifles. How much it was pledged by uncleanness and chemicals. What is just a focus invented by young people.

Smart young people make cardboard license plates, the same as the owner of the camera, attach them to a similar car and roll with an excess in front of the camera back and forth …

The fines of the owner of the tripod sends its trenog …
Due to the tense situation, the owners of portable chambers simply refuse to work.

They have something to appeal. Now drivers have become more aggressive. The property spoil is much more often, so it is not profitable to work. Yes, and dangerous.

Motorists simply came to indignation from the fact that fines come from cameras on which they wanted to weld the same as all simple motorists.

Stationary chambers do not cause so much indignation, because they are established by the state and the guardians of the order.

It seems that soon portable cameras will go to the police department …

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